Hypnotic Birthing

Will you be using HypnoBirthing, Hypnobabies or Gentle Birth?

  • Kimberly is a bay area hypnobabies doula.
  • She teaches Hypnobirthing in the south bay.
  • Certified Hypnodoula.
  • She is a doula for Gentle Birth mothers.
Birthing your baby is the biggest moment of your life. It is the day you give birth to your motherhood. You should feel loved and supported on this special and important day. Whether you are planning a natural birth, a cesarean birth, a hypnotic birth or something in between a doula can help you have a better birth experience. All with you in full control.

Fear Release

A fear release can be helpful to all moms and dads. This session can be done alone or together as a couple. Fear releases can be powerful experiences to help you prepare for you upcoming birth. This session takes place in our office in San Jose.
  • Have you been told about other's births that left a negative impact on you?
  • Are you concerned about becoming a good mom or dad?
  • Are you worried about how your relationship will change once baby arrives?
  • Did you suffer a previously traumatic birth?
  • Are you afraid about changes in your body as a result of birth?

Birth Rehearsals

Perfect practice makes perfect! This is a very unique way of preparing for your birth. Birth rehearsals are offered once you have completed your birth preparation classes. It is almost entirely a hands on and active session. You must have attend these classes with a Hypnobabies, HypnoBirthing or Gentle Birth instructor in order to be eligible for a Birth Rehearsal. This advanced birth preparation  will give you and your birth partner the opportunity to fine tune and deepen your skills and techniques that you have learned in your class series. The best support can result in a more positive birth experience. This session provides valuable skills for both you and your partner. We practice timing birth waves, different positions for the various stages of labor as well as a review of optimal fetal positioning. Mom remains in deep relaxation and self hypnosis when practicing during the birth rehearsal.
  • Private Hypnobabies Birth Rehearsal in San Jose
  • Bay Area HypnoBabies doula
  • Private and Semi Private Hypnobirthing Birth Rehearsal in San Jose
  • Bay Area HypnoBirthing doula
  • Bay Area Gentle Birth doula

Hypnotic Birthing Coached Sessions  (2 Two hour visits)

Whether you are using HypnoBirthing or Hypnobabies for your upcoming birth you may want extra support after your classes have ended. Perhaps you have unanswered questions or forgot some of what you learned. During these visits we will review what techniques you like best for your hypnotic birth.
  • Learn to go deeper faster in to relaxation
  • Practice anchors and deepening techniques that you have learned
  • Simulate calm gentle labor breathing based on your program
  • Client led coached sessions based on YOUR needs

Birth Photography

Documentary style birth photography will tell those that view your photos the whole story of your birth, not just a few shots taken after the delivery. There will be moments that only happen once in your baby's lifetime. We do everything possible to capture those treasured moments. Babies grow so fast and change day to day, having birth photojournalism you can remember exactly what your baby looked like the first time you met them.

Please contact us for all questions.
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