About Nurtured Newborns


Nurtured Newborns was created out of a love for newborns and babies. It is dedicated to educating parents and developing their confidence in how to successfully care for their babies. Our goal is that each time we visit, when we leave you have an increased sense of knowledge, comfort and confidence in caring for your baby. We do this through personalized attention and dedication. We believe in parent collaboration as we are part of your team, working towards the same goal, happy, healthy and well rested babies. Empowering parents is a core value of Nurtured Newborns.

Meet Kimberly

The Doula, Newborn Care Specialist and Registered Nurse

Kimberly is passionate about caring for newborns and their parents, and Nurtured Newborns allows her to use her experience and expertise to do just that. She cares for singletons, multiples, preemies and special needs babies. A natural love has developed as a result of being surrounded by babies her whole life. Caring for newborns and their parents has become a true passion for her! She is a Registered Nurse since 2002, and has worked in pediatric critical care for 10 years. She has cared for preemies, newborns, infants and children who have had a wide array of problems including respiratory issues, trauma, congenital anomalies, heart failure / congenital heart defects, and GI problems. When she is not providing care in the hospital, she is helping new parents learn the ropes of nurturing their babies. She brings her experience and knowledge of caring for hundreds of newborns and infants to your home. She remains committed to implementing evidence-based care and staying current with the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for best practice.

The Holistic Practitioner

Kimberly's interest in Holistic care came about as a result of attendance to one day conference for Holistic therapies for Oncology patients in the late 90's when she was a nursing student. Dr Betty deMaye-Caruth was an inspiration and mentor to her. Kimberly decided to take a Healing Touch for Animals class very soon after that. It was followed by a Reiki class and continued on to aromatherapy. She is a Reiki Master /Teacher since 2002. Kimberly was a Registered Aromatherapist from 2002 to 2007, she was registered through the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC). In 2013, she became a HyponoBirthing practitioner so she can teach her clients the wonderful Mongan Method. In 2015 she certified as a Hypnobabies doula and looks forward to working will all moms using self hypnosis for their birth.

The Storytelling, Birth and Little League Photographer

Since her early days in college, Kimberly finds great joy in capturing special moments in life. There is nothing like looking back at photos and the memories that made them. For years, she has spent many little league games snapping shots of the children Ron has coached in San Francisco. Now she adds birth photography to list of the many things she is. Kimberly loves unposed, in the moment journalistic style photography. Her experience as a birth professional only adds to your birth experience when engaging a birth photographer.  Kimberly looks forward to photographing your birth and herbal baths with mom and baby. You had a wedding photographer, didn't you? Why not capture the other most important day of your life?

The Volunteer

Kimberly enjoys volunteering for many organizations and has served as a volunteer doing a medical mission for pediatric cardiac surgery, teaching hands only CPR to San Mateo residents, providing Reiki to Kaiser Permanente's cancer patients and most recently as a Bay Area Birth Information (BABI) and Blossom Birth volunteer for their yearly birth and family fairs and open house events. She also volunteers as a doula for teen moms. Volunteering to make her community a better place continues to be a priority in Kimberly's life. She is honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Bay Area Birth Information and looks forward to serving the community to carry out BABI's mission.

The Presenter

Kimberly is available to speak at your event, she has recently given a talk on Sleep Solutions at the Meet BABI's Open House event, Blossom Birth's Birth and Family Fair, Whole Foods (for Blossom Birth) and Babies R Us. Prior presentations include talks on Reiki as a holistic therapy and a presentation on Healthcare Simulation in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at an international meeting.
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